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Blunt Talk: Harms associated with early and frequent marijuana use among BC youth

Blunt Talk is McCreary's latest report using data from the fifth BC Adolescent Health Survey. The findings provide a snapshot of marijuana use among BC youth and identify where use is linked to negative health consequences.

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Youth Action Grants (YAG) - Grants up to $500 for youth-led projects

The Youth Action Grants (YAG) are a project of the McCreary Youth Advisory & Action Council (YAC). The YAGs were created to provide BC youth (ages 12-19) from school districts that participated in the 2013 BC Adolescent Health Survey, the opportunity to deliver a project which aims to improve youth health in their school or community.

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School-based interventions to reduce health disparities among LGBTQ youth: Considering the evidence

A joint report from McCreary and SARAVYC (UBC) shows LGBTQ support programs in schools could reduce suicide attempts, binge drinking and other health risk behaviours among students.

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Spring Newsletter

Click here to download McCreary's Spring Newsletter, including a tribute to the late Dr. Roger Tonkin, founder of the McCreary Centre Society.