2018 BC AHS Community Consultations


McCreary Centre Society is hosting a series of community consultations across the province to inform the development of the 2018 BC AHS. The discussion is intended to ensure the survey includes questions on emerging youth health issues and is of relevance and value to communities, schools, and others with an interest in youth health.

The consultations are taking place in communities across BC, and typically take about two hours. Feedback from the discussions will help us to provide the most accurate and useful data for communities.

Collective Impact

Collective Impact - Youth Aging Out Of Care Vancouver

McCreary has been appointed as the backbone organization for Phase 2 of the Collective Impact - Youth aging out of care Vancouver initiative (CI-YAOC).

To learn more about this and to access CI-YAOCV resources including youth journey maps, a young persons introduction to collective impact, evaluation results and dissemination tools click here.

AHS Youth Resources


Youth Action Grants (YAG) - Grants up to $500 for youth-led projects

The Youth Action Grants (YAG) are a project of the McCreary Youth Advisory & Action Council (YAC). The YAGs were created to provide BC youth (ages 12-19) from school districts that participated in the 2013 BC Adolescent Health Survey, the opportunity to deliver a project which aims to improve youth health in their school or community.

Youth Advisory & Action Council (YAC)

Aka "The YAC"

The YAC is a dedicated, hard-working and diverse group of 15-20 youth ranging in age from 15-24 who want to make a difference in their communities. Since 1995, the YAC has initiated its own events/projects, participated in McCreary’s various projects as well as activities sponsored by other agencies.