New 2023 BC AHS resources released

McCreary has released The Big Picture: A Next Steps Workshop Toolkit for educators, youth workers, nurses, and other adult allies who would like to share the results of the 2023 BC AHS with young people aged 12 to 19 in British Columbia. The toolkit includes an introduction to the 2023 survey results, an interactive quiz, activities to learn about risk and protective factors, discussion questions and additional activities to explore youth health in your school or community. A summary of the key findings from the survey are also now available in 14 languages (available here).

The Toolkit is available here, and the accompanying PowerPoint for the Trivia game can be downloaded here.

For more information about the BC AHS Next Steps, or to book a workshop, contact For more details about Next Steps, visit our Next steps page.

The Big Picture: An overview of the 2023 BC Adolescent Health Survey provincial results is available here.

A video of the live launch event of the provincial results is on our YouTube channel. To request copies of the report, please email

To learn more about the BC AHS or find additional resources, click here.