Research and Action for Youth Health

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About McCreary Research


McCreary is probably most well-known for the BC Adolescent Health Survey (BC AHS), which happens every five years in public schools across the province. However, this survey only captures the health picture of youth who are attending mainstream public schools. We therefore do two other research projects which are based on the BC AHS and are on a similar five year cycle (Youth in Custody and Homeless and Street-Involved Youth).

In addition to the repeated research projects, McCreary undertakes many topic-specific and one-off research and consultation projects with youth.

Recent examples of other projects include mixed methods consultation projects with youth who have experienced mental health challenges (Take me by the Hand), and youth with concurrent disorders (Becoming Whole).

Previous projects have included a survey of youth in alternative education programs (Making the Grade), and reports relating to positive mental health (Making the Right Connections), youth in care (Fostering Potential), measuring healthy youth development (Treat us like we Matter), and substance use (What a Difference a Year Can Make).

For a full list of projects, please visit the report download page.