Keeping Members Interested

Making A Difference
  • Projects - Everyone tends to get energized and motivated when they feel like they're making a difference. A good example of making a difference is by organizing your own conference. It is a tough but rewarding task. Naturally, it builds on your YAC's teamwork, and much, much more. It's always a very uplifting and motivating experience, and after the first couple, it becomes like clockwork.
Bonding with other members of the YAC
  • Social Nights - Participating in the activities and discussions are obviously what keeps members motivated and interested in the YAC. It is easier to participate when all members of the group know each other well and feel comfortable in each other's presence. Having purely social meetings or activities is a great way to enhance this bonding experience. 
  • A working weekend - A group trip is a great opportunity to reflect on how your council has worked together, what you've achieved, and to brainstorm about your future as a YAC. We recommend a very flexible agenda and lots of time for socializing.
Opportunities Arise
  • Job Opportunities - Volunteering can often lead to job opportunities. If you take a look at our YAC, many of us have had jobs at some point with McCreary. Whether a full-time summer position or a one-off project, it's always nice to earn some extra spending money and gain on the job experience.
  • Members attending other youth conferences - Having members attend conferences can be excellent for personal development and skill building, as well as making new contacts. Soak up the knowledge and apply it to your council's current project!