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Cultural predictors of eating disorder pathology and body satisfaction as its mediating variable in immigrant adolescents in North America.


Eating disorder research has extensively investigated the association between culture and eating disorder pathology for adolescent girls.  In this study, we investigated whether immigrant adolescents were also at risk for eating disorder pathology.  Participants were drawn from a larger sample of adolescents (n = 29,315) who completed the 2008 McCreary Centre Society Adolescent Health Survey-IV.  The findings suggest that being born outside of North America was associated with an increased prevalence of eating disorder pathology for girls and boys.  Furthermore, the initial years in North America for immigrant adolescents were associated with eating disorder pathology (how is this sentence different from the previous one?).  Body satisfaction was partially mediated by being born in North America, the number of years in North America and the association with eating disorder pathology. The findings suggest that there may be other such populations at risk for eating disorders and that body satisfaction may play an important role in the development of eating disorder pathology.