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  • Voices from the Inside: Next Steps with Youth in Custody.
  • Not Yet Equal: The Health of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth in BC.
  • Against the Odds: A profile of marginalized and street-involved youth in BC.


  • Time Out II: A Profile of BC Youth in Custody.
  • it's a girl thang!: A Manual on Creating Girls' Groups.
  • Building Resilience in Vulnerable Youth.
  • The Next Steps: BC Youths' Response to the AHS III and Ideas for Action.
  • The Next Steps: A Toolkit to Engage Youth in Community Action.
  • Promoting healthy bodies: physical activity, weight, and tobacco use among BC youth.


  • Raven's Children II: Aboriginal Youth Health in BC.
  • British Columbia Youth Health Trends: A Retrospective, 1992-2003.



  • Healthy Youth Development: The Opportunity of Early Adolescence.
  • National Training Initiative in Adolescent Health (NTIAH)


  • Accenting the Positive: a developmental framework for reducing risk and promoting positive outcomes among BC youth.
  • Violence in Adolescence: injury, suicide, and criminal violence in the lives of BC youth.
  • Between the Cracks: homeless youth in Vancouver.
  • Homeless Youth: an annotated Bibliography.


  • Time Out: A Profile of BC Youth in Custody.
  • Girls' Report: The Health of Girls in BC.
  • No Place to Call Home: A profile of street youth in British Columbia.


  • Next Step Project.
  • Aboriginal Next Step.
  • Making Choices: Sex, Ethnicity, and BC Youth.
  • Raven's Children: Aboriginal Youth Health in BC.
  • Silk Road: a journey to understanding Chinese youth in BC.
  • Lighting Up: Tobacco Use Among BC Youth.
  • Mirror Images: Weight Issues Among BC Youth.


  • Regional reports published from AHS II.
  • Our Kids Too - Sexually Exploited Youth in BC: an Adolescent Health Survey.
  • Being Out - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Youth in BC: an Adolescent Health Survey.


  • BC Adolescent Health Survey II.


  • The Doctor Project.


  • BC Youth Health Action Handbook.


  • Next Step: Community Health Action by Youth.


  • Street Youth in Vancouver.


  • Sexual Abuse and Young People with Disabilities.
  • Adolescent Health Survey.

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