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Student Research Group

McCreary takes practicum students from Douglas College, Lanagara College and also has an active student group.

The group encourages the participation of students from a variety of disciplines and academic institutions, and involves students conducting secondary analysis of McCreary data. McCreary's Research Director, Elizabeth Saewyc, is available to mentor and advise students.

List of Current Members

The McCreary Centre Society
Annie Smith
Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc

Dr. David Cox, SFU
Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc, UBC

Postdoctoral Fellows: 

Dr. Ryan Watson
Dr. Jones Adjei

Student Members: 

Catherine Shaffer
Claire Pitcher
Emily Hirst

Heather Gesner
Simran Sahota


Christopher Drozda
Carla Hilario
Eva McMillan
Robert Rivers
Kimberly Barber
Kallista Bell
Dana Brunanski
Stephanie Callanghan
Rhonda Couch
Karen Devries
Brittany Dixon
Natalie Franz
Melissa Friesen
Priya Gupta
Patricia Hynds
Nadia Kanani
Julia Kam
Aviva Laye-Gindhu
Jill Logan
Laura MacKay
Joanne Magtoto
Gina Martin
Trica McDiarmid
Geoff Michell
Bonnie Miller
Laura Morrison
Melissa Northcott
Melanie O'Neill
Rob O'Sullivan
Sarah Parkes
Colleen Poon
Amy Rehn
Jodi Samra-Grewal
Avneet Sidhu
Colleen Shaw
Ruth Turner
Daryl Tzernowski
Sherry Van Blyderveen
Leonieke Van Boekel
Kim van der Woerd
Jodi Viljoen
Patricia Wallis

Objectives of the Group


  • To make use of the Adolescent Health Surveys.
  • To disseminate knowledge gained from the surveys through presentations and publications to academics, researchers, and other professionals.
  • To provide mentorship and reesearch opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students.


Student projects involving secondary analysis of the Adolescent Health Survey data are conducted in collaboration between McCreary and academic institutions. Student research has contributed to knowledge dissemination through conference and poster presentations, theses and dissertations, producing Fact Sheets, and publishing articles.

Students interested in accessing AHS data should contact Elizabeth Saewyc,

Theses and Dissertations

Bell, K. A. (2011). Suicidal behaviour among lesbian, gay and bisexual youth in British Columbia: Risk and protective factors. [Abstract]

Callanghan, S. A. (2011). The functions of pregnancy in the lives of British Columbia street-involved young women in 2000.

Gupta, P. & Barber, K. (2010). The relationship between adolescent obesity/overweight and unmet healthcare needs.

Homma, Y. (2012). Factors associated with sexual initiation among East Asian adolescents in Canada. 

Laye-Gindhu, A. (2011). Nonsuicidal self-injury in street-involved adolescents: Identification of risk and protective factors.

Magtoto, J. (2010). Cultural predictors of eating disorder pathology and body satisfaction as its mediating variable in immigrant adolescents in North America. [Abstract]

Martin, G.C. (2010). Constructing a regional adolescent health and wellness index for British Columbia. [Abstract]

Miller, B. (2010). Young adolescents’ choices in sexual behavior and Age of Consent Law in Canada: An examination of developmental theory.  [Abstract]

Northcott, M. (2010). Factors medicating the relations between street youths’ experiences of trauma and their HIV risk behaviors. [Abstract]


Fact Sheets

Students are asked to create a McCreary Fact Sheet as a summary of a focus of study using AHS data.

Behind Bars: Bullying Among Incarcerated Youth



Devries, K. M., Free, C., Morison, L., & Saewyc, E. (2009). Factors associated with pregnancy and STI among Aboriginal students in British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 100(3), 226-230.

Devries, K., Free, C., Morison, L., & Saewyc, E. (2009). Factors associated with sexual behaviour of Aboriginal youth: Implications for health promotion. American Journal of Public Health, 99, 855-862.

Miller B., Cox D., Saewyc E. (2010). Age of sexual consent laws in Canada: Population-based evidence for law and policy. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 19(3), 105-119.

Parkes, S., Saewyc, E. M., MacKay, L. J., & Cox, D. (2008). The relationship between body image, dieting behaviors, and stimulant use among adolescents in British Columbia. Journal of Adolescent Health, 43(6), 616-618.

Viljoen, J. L., O’Neill, M., & Sidhu, A. (2005). Bullying behaviours in male and female young offenders: Prevalence, types, and association with psychosocial adjustment. Aggressive Behaviour, 31(6), 521-536.


To download a list of older theses and publications by members of McCreary's student group, please click here.



Conference & Poster Presentations

Over the life of the Student Research group, students have presented analysis of AHS on a variety of topics to conferences internationally.

Homma, Y., & Saewyc, E. (June 9, 2010). Does a family context foster cultural connectedness among East Asian Canadian adolescents? Presentation at the Pathways to Resilience II: The Social Ecology of Resilience conference. Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Bingham, B., Saewyc, E., Brunanski, D., Smith, A., Hunt, S., and Simon, S. (November 25, 2008). Moving Upstream: Aboriginal marginalized and street-involved youth in British Columbia. Presentation at the Annual General Meeting of the BC Child and Youth Health Research Network, Vernon, BC.


Poster Presentations

Martin, G., Keller, P., & Foster, L. (2010). Constructing a regional adolescent health and wellness index for British Columbia. Poster presentation presented at Canadian Public Health Association Conference, June 13, 2010. 

Drozda, C., Kim, K., Saewyc, E., MacKay, L., & Ki, D. (June 13, 2010). Challenges of health inequities for South Korean and Canadian street-involved youth. Poster presented at the Canadian Public Health Association 2010 Conference. Toronto, Ontario.

Martin, G., Keller, C. P., & Foster, L. T. (June 13, 2010). Constructing a regional adolescent health and wellness index for British Columbia. Poster presented at the Canadian Public Health Association 2010 Conference. Toronto, Ontario.

Bingham, B., Saewyc, E., Brunanski, D., Smith, A., & the McCreary Centre Society (May 27, 2009). Aboriginal marginalized and street-involved youth in B.C.: Education and health. Poster presentation at the 5th International Conference on Indigenous Education, Honolulu, Hawaii.

MacKay, L., Cox, D., Saewyc, E., Slaney, K., & Poole, G. (August 13, 2008). Psychosocial strengths related to positive adolescent health and development. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Boston.

Homma, Y., & Saewyc, E. (March 25, 2008). Acculturation and sexual behavior among East Asian adolescents in British Columbia, Canada. Poster presented at the 40th annual Society for Adolescent Medicine conference, Greensboro, North Carolina.


To download a list of older presentations by members of McCreary's student group, please click here.