Youth Advisory & Action Council (YAC)

Aka "The YAC"

The YAC is a dedicated, hard-working and diverse group of 15-20 youth ranging in age from 15-24 who want to make a difference in their communities. Since 1995, the YAC has initiated its own events/projects, participated in McCreary’s various projects as well as activities sponsored by other agencies.

The YAC is about getting youth out and engaged in their communities, and talking about issues that are relevant and important to them. The YAC is a youth-driven group which means members decide which projects and events they would like to be involved with. The YAC strives to create an inclusive and diverse group of youth with a wide range of experiences which they could bring to their understanding of issues that youth face in BC.

The YAC provides a great opportunity for youth to:

  • Meet new friends & build community
  • Take part in leadership & training opportunities
  • Be part of interesting, creative & fun projects
  • Share your voice and speak about issues that matter to you[th]!
How does the YAC work?

The YAC works by group consensus, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and respected. As far as structure goes, flexibility is the key, and there is never any pressure to participate but the opportunities are always there. Two members of the YAC also serve on McCreary's Board of Directors. A McCreary staff person serves as a resource for the group and supports meetings and events.

Why do we do it?

McCreary’s YAC all share a common goal of promoting youth health. They strive to become engaged members in their communities and raise awareness on key youth issues. The benefits of volunteering and being part of the YAC are endless. There is always substantial personal growth as well as exciting new opportunities. And don’t forget, it looks great on the resume!

Join the YAC

The YAC is always looking for youth with different voices, opinions, and ideas! If you are interested in becoming a part of the YAC or would like more information,

Contact us at, or call 604-291-1996.

Resources on running a YAC

Here are some ideas about how to run a youth council, how to organize meetings and what everyone's responsibilities are. We also have a sample of McCreary's youth participation projects. McCreary has engaged youth in a variety of projects over the years. All of them had youth staff involved and youth input into the planning and/or reporting of the project. Meaningful youth participation is a critical component in all McCreary youth projects.

Running Meetings

Keeping Members Interested

Defining the Roles

Youth Participation Projects